Couples therapy

Relationship TEST: how healthy is your relationship?

Our therapists have designed this relationship test to help you identify where your relationship stands.Is there love? Is there respect? Do you know how to solve your relationship issues? Do you have goals in common? Could a couples therapy be useful for you?

Start the relationship test now and share your results with that special person!

Our relationship test is very easy to complete: select the answer that best suits your current relationship, being one (1) heart the lowest index and four (4) hearts the highest.The higher the score, the healthier your relationship is at this time. If your result is low, do not be discouraged! With love, understanding, effort and the help of an online therapist, you will overcome all obstacles!If the score obtained in the test concerns you, you can request the diagnosis of an expert. Understanding what happens to you is the beginning of change and will help you achieve a good level of well-being.Request the diagnosis of a professional

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