Personal development: self-knowledge and introspection

Personal development is a topic of interest to many people. Sometimes we feel lost and find it difficult to evolve or make a decision. Usually, when this happens, we look around looking for guilty parties or motives in the environment. However, the first thing we need to be clear about is that only you have the answers to all your questions. That's why we talk about self-knowledge, a term that is already part of the jargon of psychology.

What is self-knowledge?

As its name suggests, self-knowledge is the ability to know and recognize oneself as an individual. Although in reality, its meaning is much deeper and more extensive, since only through this introspection will you be able to reach your goals and balance in accordance with your values, beliefs, abilities and weaknesses that will allow your evolution without filters; that is to say, you will be able to reach your personal development.It sounds very good, because in the end, personal growth is about satisfying yourself and although it seems easy, it is not something that most of us mortals usually put into practice. In reality, we continually seek the approval of others and base our world on the surface, without stopping to think about ourselves. Without having a prior reflective talk with our "inner self," without having worked on self-understanding, self-observation, self-acceptance, or self-esteem.

Do you know who you are?

Let's start by asking ourselves this question. Do you know who you really are? Possibly your answer is positive, because obviously, we all think we know each other. However, hundreds of doubts shake us daily and sometimes we feel empty and have a hard time finding the meaning of some things we do or when making a decision.It is then when that question begins to rise many others that, perhaps, are the beginning of that introspection and that encounter with yourself. This is the starting point for self-image enhancement.If you want to know where your self-esteem is right now, this self-esteem test can be very helpful.

Personal development: get to know yourself a little better

Stop to think for a moment and dive through your memories, sensations, values and feelings to find the most sincere answers to these questions:

  • Do I know the causes of my behaviors and reactions?
  • Am I satisfied with my social, family, and emotional relationships? Why?
  • What are my fears? Am I facing them or avoiding them?
  • Am I flexible about finding solutions and alternatives?
  • What are my talents and abilities? What about my limitations?
  • What motivates me in life?
  • Am I meeting my needs? How? What are they?
  • Which of my beliefs help me and which limit me?
  • What situations hurt me? Which are harmful?

The answer to each of the questions must be frank, but the most important thing is that you learn to take the corresponding steps by being faithful to this emotional nudity and without neglecting each one of them. Only in this way will you achieve personal development, and everything else will run smoothly.However, many more questions will arise once the process has begun, so the help of an online therapist is an important support in introspection. As personal development and self-knowledge progresses, the fear of failure is also worked on because a good concept of oneself is created.

The key to personal development

This objective and critical search for your true self will elevate you to a state of consciousness that will allow you to fully develop as a person. Thus flowing in total harmony, which will undoubtedly be reflected in everything you can imagine.Let us not forget that, after all, it is a question of looking inside to put solutions outside. The encounter with oneself is also part of the encounter with others. Self-understanding helps you to empathize with others as well because self-love is the only way to be able to love your neighbour. In addition, you will acquire identity and autonomy, which will be key tools to revoke conformism and pursue your dreams until you reach your goals. This is also a key point in professional development.

You are one step away from achieving it

Online therapy is of great help to all those who seek balance and satisfaction. It also facilitates the process by being able to do it comfortably from home.The human being has everything it needs, this is just a method to take advantage of it. Stop looking outside for what you have to look for in yourself, silence the noise, stop and listen to yourself. It is the most valuable and productive conversation you can have. The work of emotional intelligence for self-esteem is fundamental to deepen the knowledge of oneself.Psychology's tips for self-esteem will help you take the step to get to know yourself in depth until you develop the best version of yourself.If you want to improve your level of well-being, in therapyside we can help you. We are international leaders in online psychology and we have the right therapist for you.

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