How to work on self-esteem in a simple way

Increasing self-esteem is important at any age and at any time. In this article, you can read basic tips for increasing your self-esteem in a simple way. How to achieve this goal?

And how to work on self-esteem? 10 practical tips

1. Don't get complicated

Remember the title of Rafael Santandreu's book: The art of not being resentful. This title, which has been a bestseller, gives you an essential message of happiness. Leave the drama to one side, put aside complaints and exaggerations.

Simplify through your attitude. Don't let negative thoughts ruin your moment! Try to look for the comical side of circumstances, look for a funny interpretation of reality. Make your life beautiful. Start by being nice to yourself every day of your life. And how do you work on self-esteem when you have a bad day? Simplify the difficulties.

2. Cultivate your talent

What is your professional vocation? What are the qualities in which you stand out? What skills do you have? Each person has a talent that makes them unique and unrepeatable. When you identify that gift and cultivate it, you are taking care of the seed of your own self-esteem. For example, if you love reading, then you can attend a literary club.

If you like to cook, enjoy the weekend as a great time to make new healthy recipes. That is, do things you like. And spend more time doing those things you love. Life is time. And months go by fast as you can see from your own life experience. In that case, a principle of change in the philosophy of personal life is to invest more minutes in reasons for satisfaction.

Remember that in order to know how to have self-esteem in spite of defects you have to give importance to your virtues and know how you can cultivate and feed them.

3. Finish the day with a time of gratitude

The routine of writing a reflection diary at the end of each day can be therapeutic if you love to write. In fact, you don't need to write down new phrases every day. However, if you find it unrealistic to assume the commitment to self-knowledge through this diary, then you can do a mental review before going to sleep by emphasizing the beauty of this day that you have lived and that therefore becomes part of the story of your biography.

Your self-esteem improves remarkably when you create this anchor of saying goodbye to each day from the look of love to life seen as a gift. And how to work on self-esteem if not through the gesture of giving thanks for life every day?

4.You can't please everyone

A fundamental point to put an end to low self-esteem is not to put your happiness in the opinion of others. From now on, prioritize your own criteria. It's not about being selfish, it's about being realistic. Life is lived in first person. Authenticity in decision making is a benefit for your present and your future.

Imagine the sadness that must be felt by a person at the end of their life if they look back and observes all the things that were left to do out of fear of not having the approval of others. There is really nothing as transcendental as your own opinion.

5. Autonomy

How many times do you stop oganising a plan because no one has their agenda available at that time? For example, if you're uncomfortable with the idea of going to the theater alone, your self-esteem can grow dramatically if you start to generate new experiences around this issue. That is, make more plans individually. In this way you can better optimize your agenda. For example, you may have Tuesday afternoon free to go to the movies, but your friends are only free during the weekend.

Are you going to miss the opportunity to live that moment just for this reason? Imagine as having a date with yourself. Design a calendar of plans that you would love to carry out on this day. In short, have more dates with just you. Because as important as cultivating your social ties with others is to cultivate self-esteem.

And how to work on self-esteem beyond any kind of dependency? The happiest plans are not always those you make in the company of a group. Plans with yourself can be an opportunity to live different experiences through introspection and self-discovery.

6. Smile

A smile is never a shallow gesture. When you walk down the street, look around. Observe how many people look at the horizon with a gesture of seriousness. Smiles are light and change the world. In that case, try to be a positive example to yourself and others. Smile more.

You will not lack reasons to smile if you value the present and find reasons to give thanks. Look at yourself in the mirror smiling but don't focus only in that outer plane of the gesture. Feel how an inner smile is drawn in your mood.

Therefore, the smile is one of the ingredients that you can add to this decalogue on how to raise self-esteem.

7. Go on excursions

This way of travelling allows you to bring to your routine the pleasant sensation of the holidays by breaking the monotony. You can travel by bus to places close to your place of residence. This way you can make this type of escapes more frequently.

Through these short trips, you put your autonomy into practice, break the known routine, take advantage of new opportunities, disconnect from your worries and see that destination that, even though you have visited it on previous occasions, admits new nuances. A place is always new when you look at it with the eyes of curiosity. That is, when you let yourself be surprised. It is very possible that work occupies a large part of your time. However, you also need to have time for yourself. In that case, these brief getaways can give you this pleasant opportunity.

In addition, through road trips you can also practice the aesthetic observation of enjoying the landscape from the views you observe from the window. Take some pictures of these trips. In fact, you can create a photo album focused on this selection of happy moments. Look back at the album whenever you need to because each image will take your mind to a new stage of well-being and self-improvement.

8. Make a positive interpretation of reality

To know how to increase self-esteem, even in difficult situations, look for valuable meaning. In reality, this personal attitude comes from practical training. If you set yourself the firm purpose of achieving it, then you will be able to achieve this goal through the constancy of adopting this disposition of courage in the face of reality. Apply this not only to the personal level but also to the professional level.

To reaffirm this positive interpretation of reality, you can also share some of your reflections with other people. Or you can also write these conclusions in a notebook and reread this message as many times as you need.

9. Take care of your image

Through fashion and trends seen in a totally personal way, that is, adapted to your own style, you can feel better about yourself. Self-esteem, sometimes, also manifests itself in everyday sensations. For example, create a wardrobe in which the main garments are specially designed for everyday life. Don't have too many clothes waiting for special occasions because, in fact, you have this occasion every day.

Wear clothes that you like and that are comfortable. In relation to your image, you can also take care of other issues. For example, hairdressing. Sometimes, a change is preceded by the decision of a change of image in the hairdressing salon. This is a visible example of the constant relationship between the external image and the internal mood. For example, a perfume can also elevate your mood through the emotions produced by that special aroma.

10. Nourish the self-esteem of others

When you help others to love themselves through positive inspiration, then this attitude constructively influences you. For example, sincerely praise your co-workers and friends for issues you consider valuable.

Therefore, caring for self-esteem is a personal decision, a commitment to self-esteem that you update every day through effective decision-making. These basic tips on how to raise self-esteem can be a practical reference to become more aware of how to make your life as beautiful as it deserves.

Today is the best day to start loving yourself unconditionally because the present offers you this opportunity to change your destiny forever. If you wonder how to raise your self-esteem, find your answer in attitude.

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