Professional development - how to achieve it?

You are the protagonist of your professional development. That is, opportunities arise when you seek them through your own initiative. However, there are many brakes that a person can apply to limit their development.

Encourage your empowerment to convince yourself that you really can turn your dreams into reality.

How can you boost your professional development?

1. Perseverance

This is paramount in your professional development and personal growth. Perseverance to continue training, learn languages, send your CV to new companies, or look for the latest offers on job boards. It is important to be constant with networking and keeping immersed in your action plan even when you feel that nothing changes around you. Remember every day what your goal is: your professional development.

2. Take care of your brand

The Internet has become a new online showcase for information about a candidate. Human resources managers can consult this information. Type your name into Google and see what information comes up about you. This information is part of your brand, so think how you can build a solid identity to support your professional development.

For example, create your profile on professional networks such as LinkedIn, write your professional blog, and write on Twitter as a specialist in the subject area in which you have been trained.

3. Believe in your vocation

Vocation is a concept full of meaning. Vocation is crucial because you have a better chance of succeeding in a sector that you love, simply because the happiness that this goal brings you makes all the effort more rewarding. So what is your vocation, and what can you do to find a job based on this purpose?

How can you show that this profession is vocational for you? For example, you can express it clearly in your cover letter. This is a good thing because one of the limits of a CV or letter is to focus only on the description of personal, academic and professional achievements. However, information as relevant as your vocation deserves to be expressed clearly because it is the basis of your professional development. Moreover, this will have a very positive effect on your self-knowledge.

4. Self-taught learning

Learning is not only born out of the habit of attending classes; you can also nurture your passion for knowledge as a natural habit in your existence through the self-taught willingness to cultivate your mind with new ideas.

For example, reading and film are two good sources to keep expanding your field of knowledge. No matter how complete your curriculum is, curiosity for learning is a real need in a changing time. For example, update your technical skills because they are the present and will be the future of professional development.

5. Create a network of contacts

You will feel more motivated if you are surrounded by good people who inspire you with their points of view. However, remember that a network does not make sense if you look at the names in quantitative terms.

Professional networks are personal. For this reason, if you don't encourage communication with these people, there comes a time when these ties become meaningless. Read more about emotional intelligence at work here.

You can focus more on those people in your group with whom you have a stronger connection or from whom you can learn more.

Moreover, one of the advantages of the present time is that thanks to the proximity brought by new technologies, you have the opportunity to follow on social networks those professionals who are mentors in your profession, recognised voices that influence society.

Use the possibilities offered by technology as an asset that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. The truth is that technology invites you to dream.

For example, some professions offer you the opportunity to work from home with flexible working hours. It's not that this is your path, but it's good to appreciate the universe of options open to you because all these resources can boost your career path.

6. Consider different options

We feel more committed and more motivated towards achieving our goals if we have considered other options in addition to the primary possibility. When you look at different options in your mind, you imagine possible paths other doors that may also be interesting. And this is especially interesting when it comes to professional development.

On the other hand, don't close the door to entrepreneurship if you feel that giving shape to your business idea is the step you want to take to define your professional career as an entrepreneur. Of course, fears can condition you at many points in your life; however, the concerns associated with a professional career can be overcome with prior planning. In other words, if you have a goal, be prepared to face it.

In addition, it is advisable to have an alternative plan if something does not go as planned. Your professional life is a significant part of your happiness. Therefore, reflect on what makes you happy now because your preferences may evolve and change with age.

For example, an alternative plan idea is to have a job that does not fit your vocation while remaining focused on searching for a better offer. This could be a job that gives you a salary that allows you to meet your expenses.

However, don't see this situation as eternal but as temporary. It is not your permanent plan, and you must take control of your life and encourage yourself to make plans without letting yourself be conditioned by what you think life determines for you. In other words, always focus on the positive aspects of each situation and change through your present actions.

7. Nurture the strengths of your CV

Some requirements for jobs are so demanding that they can discourage you by making you believe that your CV does not measure up to those demands. However, your CV has strengths, and these points increase the value of your CV.

Of course, if you wish, you can also continue training to improve other skills. However, be proud of yourself and what you have done so far. Don't let perfectionism drive you into a state of constant dissatisfaction.

8. Films that inspire

Throughout the history of cinema, you can find examples of films that show stories of people who struggle to achieve their dreams but eventually succeed because they never stop losing faith. The movie "La La Land: City of Stars" is one such example.

Let yourself be imbued by the spirit of magic and dreams surrounding its protagonists—two young people who are a clear example of vocation and perseverance beyond the limits of the road. Then, make your selection of films that give you strength and hope.

9. Short-term goals

Just as you take a long road trip and make several stops along the way, you can apply this metaphor to the career path you are about to embark on. That general goal of furthering your professional development has to be translated into more immediate plans.

In other words, set your goals and write down these ideas in a diary. Encourage the habit of writing down all those ideas that are important to you. At the same time, your professional development is not only about work and effort.

Rest, leisure, friendship and free time are just as important in your life, as you need to find the balance of striving for your goals but not letting those goals impede on the happiness that you get from your free time.

In addition, you can also be flexible with these goals, i.e. you can change your mind and make changes to some of your previous decisions if you feel it is right for you. Don't be a victim of your mental rigidity, which will strengthen your self-esteem.

10. Decalogue of success

As an exercise of introspection and self-help, you can write down your decalogue of professional development, i.e. write down the key ingredients for you in this development path. You can also identify which elements you possess and which you would like to develop from now on. Finally, put this decalogue in a visible place, for example, in a drawer of your desk. Here you can read tips for empowering leadership.

Be confident in your talent

Look at what you have achieved so far. But also look to the future and visualise yourself in the position you want to achieve. So live your present, but also look forward and remember that the best way to get there is through perseverance, the desire to improve, experience, motivation, and the search accompanying you now.

When you stop making excuses and focus on perceiving your dreams as possible, you will become your main engine of professional development.

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