Female Orgasm: How to Achieve It

For a long time, women's sexuality has been little commented on, taking a back seat. However, there are many cases of difficulties in reaching the female orgasm in sexual relations.The exaltation in movies or books of a female figure who reaches orgasm in relationships without any effort can be painful and harmful to all those who have not yet achieved it. However, a woman's ability to climax can be improved by following certain tips. Here you can take a sexuality test to analyse your current situation.

What is female anorgasmia?

Female anorgasmia is a sexual dysfunction defined as a woman's inability to reach orgasm. Anorgasmia can be classified as when a woman has never experienced an orgasm, secondary, when she has stopped experiencing or situational, when she can only reach climax under certain circumstances, which can be limited to masturbation.There are two main causes of female anorgasmia, which are due to general health factors, such as endocrine system disorders or abuse of drugs or other substances, and those arising from psychological or cultural factors, such as mood alterations or inadequate sexual stimulation.The latter may be related to traumatic sexual experiences from the past or may be the result of rigid sex education, low self-esteem or strong inhibition during sexual intercourse. All these options prevent the necessary relaxation to reach the female orgasm. Here you can read more about dyspareunia or painful intercourse.Fortunately, most cases of women having difficulty achieving orgasm are due to psychological and not organic causes. As there is no physical inability to achieve it, working on it yourself, with the support of the partner and even with the help of a therapist the situation can be solved. If the dysfunction is due to a physical factor, it is also important that medical treatment is accompanied by work with a therapist. This may be the case with vaginismus.

Female orgasm and sex in the couple

Often, a woman reaches orgasm for the first time during sexual intercourse after a considerable time. It can take many years from a woman's first sexual intercourse to her first orgasm during sex.The main circumstance that must occur for a woman to reach orgasm is relaxation. Being comfortable and totally relaxed, both physically and mentally, will be fundamental for an orgasm to occur.We know that not all women are the same and that while some find it less difficult to feel comfortable in moments of intimacy, many others need to feel greater trust and affection with the other person.In this sense, the first mistake that women make too often is to fake the orgasm. This happens with the intention of not making the partner feel bad, but it is something that will not help the woman who wants to climax.

How to reach orgasm

When a woman wants to live her sexuality fully and enjoy it, she should first be honest with her partner. This communication can help create the conditions for the female orgasm to occur.In order to improve sexual relations, it is necessary that the woman feels self-confidence, that she looks for her own pleasure in sex and that she is relaxed and comfortable. Orgasm is the release of tension that builds up during pre-sex excitement, and some women may need more time than others in the preliminaries.The key is to have no qualms when it comes to asking the partner what you want and give all the indications that are necessary. If the situation improves both parties will win so it is important that both are involved in the process.

When to consult a specialist

If, after trying, the expected results are not achieved, you can resort to sexual therapy to effectively solve the difficulties in reaching orgasm.Self-exploration is, as a general rule, the first recommendation so that the woman knows herself better and can then teach her partner what to do.A positive mindset, and learning to disconnect in intimate moments to concentrate on sex, is the main objective that will lead to providing the right scenario.With the help of sexual therapy, the cause of this problem can be found, since the psychological motives that give rise to anorgasmia can be very different among women. Once the causes have been identified, the appropriate measures for each case can be applied and work together to achieve satisfaction in moments of intimacy.If you want to improve your level of well-being, in therapyside we can help you. We are international leaders in online psychology and we have the right therapist for you.

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