Take care of your employees' emotional well-being

Therapyside for Business provides your professionals with emotional wellness support through different plans that combine the most advanced technology with the best human team


lost working hours due to abseentism¹


return on investment for employers²


employees’ retention in 12 months time³


of users feel satisfied with their therapeutic process⁴

Our solutions

Transform your company into a source of emotional well-being

Prevention and Development

Self-care tools for emotional management and interactive collective workshops for skill development

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Online Therapy

Tailored online therapy plans, offering your employees 50-minute video sessions with broadly experienced therapists

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Corporate Area

Access at any time, manage your plan in real time and measure the impact of Therapyside on the emotional state of your professionals

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Prevention and Development

Promote a healthy work environment in your organisation by providing your employees with the necessary resources to improve their psychological well-being

Self-care: offer all your professionals practical self-care tools for the development of healthy habits, whenever and wherever they need them.
Workshops: consolidate a comprehensive prevention plan through emotional training programs composed of experiential workshops adapted to the specific needs of your team.
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Online Therapy

Enable your employees to connect 1-to-1 with the professional who best suits their needs, offering a safe and private space where they can truly open up.

With the help of highly qualified therapists, they will understand the keys of their emotional state, learn the tools to improve it and define an action plan that will bring them closer to their goals from day one.

Live video sessions
50-minute sittings
Total privacy
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Corporate Area

Thanks to your private area, you will be able to manage your well-being plan in real time and benefit from the communication tools necessary to ensure its success

In addition, People Analytics will allow you to identify the factors with the greatest impact on the well-being of your team and the aggregated demographic characteristics of your users - while respecting the total privacy of your professionals at all times

Straightforward and simple to understand
Key to prevention
Enriched with insights from our experts
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More than 1,000 specialised professionals with extensive experience in coaching and other areas of focus, which allows us to blend professional and personal development

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Note 1: Recent study on a sample of users after 3 months of Therapyside for Business

Note 2: 'Mental Health and Employers' report (Deloitte, 2022)

Note 3: 'It’s not 1 in 4, it is all of us' research (Barbara Harvey and Accenture, 2018)

Note 4: % of users rate the service received with an average of 4.9/5 stars - Data from 2021